Keep Adam reading his comics

Keep Adam reading his comics

Imagine being told a common medication is considered too risky, but doctors are okay with disconnecting part of your brain. Well, 13-year-old Adam doesn’t have to imagine.

Adam suffers from 50 seizures every single day, and the traditional medications just aren’t working for him. Now, the doctors want him to have a procedure called a hemispherotomy, which involves severing the left cortex of his brain. But here’s the catch: this operation would permanently damage his sight, meaning he might lose the ability to read his beloved manga comics. And worse, there’s no guarantee it would stop the seizures.

Adam’s parents believe there’s a better alternative. They think it would be wise to first try a cannabis-based medication. In countries like Canada and Australia, doctors say it’s unethical to proceed with such drastic surgery without first trying cannabis-based treatments. The chances of improvement are higher, and the risks and side effects are far fewer.

However, here in the UK, since surgery is an option, Adam has been told no to trying a cannabis prescription. It’s a tough situation for his parents. They’re left with the choice of either watching their son suffer from countless seizures or going ahead with the surgery, knowing it will damage his sight.

In their desperation, Adam’s parents have resorted to cannabis oils from the black market. They don’t know how effective it will be, but they strongly believe Adam deserves the chance to explore all available options before sacrificing his vision in the fight against his epilepsy.

Remember, the medication Adam wants to try is not an out-there experiment.  It is routinely prescribed for epilepsies like his in Canada, Australia, The Netherlands and India.

If you want to make sure Adam can keep reading his manga, and stop loving parents being pushed to break the law, join us in the fight to #SaveTheUnicorn.