Mikey’s groove is back

Mikey’s groove is back

Mikey is an incredible kid, a true one-in-a-million. Despite the challenges of Malan Syndrome, he’s a dancing superstar at heart. Give him a beat, and he’s up on his feet, busting out moves like a crazy horse!

Unfortunately, a fall during one of his seizures left him with a badly broken femur, and he’s been in a wheelchair since. His seizures have put him in hospital regularly, with no medication or emergency treatments helping.  That’s alongside challenges with speech, vision, hearing, and his autism.

But when Mikey started taking a cannabis-derived medication some pretty incredible things started to happen. Against all expectations and medical predictions, he’s been seizure-free for 18 months. Not only that, but he’s been communicating more, sleeping better, and had improvements in his sight.

The next step is to get Mikey to go from rolling in a wheelchair to strutting his stuff on the dance floor. His parents really believe they can get him walking again… so long as they can afford to keep paying for his medication. So, sign up to #SaveTheUnicorn and send Mikey your playlist recommendations; songs that will make Mikey’s feet tap, his hips sway, and his spirit soar! Together, we can make his dancing dreams come true.