Watch Clover blossom

Watch Clover blossom

Doctors said she would never walk or talk, and probably not survive infancy. But little Clover is starting to bloom.

Like a delicate flower, Clover faced challenges from the very beginning. Diagnosed with Aicardi Syndrome, at just 12 weeks old she started to suffer regular seizures. As Clover grew, her seizures became more frequent and intense, reaching a point where she was having hundreds every week. To get them under control she had to take huge doses of steroids, which her little body struggled to cope with. Even then, the seizures came back, and other medications didn’t provide any relief. Clover’s future was uncertain.

Then, in 2020, a ray of sunshine. Clover’s parents obtained a special prescription for two cannabis-derived medications, Bedrolite and Bedica. Within a few months, her seizures significantly reduced to only one or two per week. She was able to stop the other medications, which were causing horrible side effects, and Clover’s health and development improved still further. She began to communicate, actively engage with the world around her, and now she’s not just walking but running.

The guidance is clear: in cases where other medications don’t work and the outcome is poor, cannabis medications are legal and can be prescribed on the NHS. Yet despite this, and the fact that it they have been shown to work for her, Clover has been refused an NHS prescription. Now, to make sure she continues to flourish, her family must raise funds every month to pay for the medicine privately.

We believe, that with the right care, Clover and children like her can thrive. That’s why we ask for your support in the #SaveTheUnicorn movement.

Let’s create an environment where these unique children can grow to their full potential and make the world a more vibrant place.

If you would like to donate to help Clover’s family pay for her medication you can visit their fundraising page here

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