Bailey’s triumph

Bailey’s triumph

Not just a unicorn, but a superhero. Lying in bed, unable to walk or talk, Bailey faced an epic battle. His epilepsy threatened to claim victory.

An onslaught of over 100 seizures each day left Bailey and his family in a constant state of crisis. Countless visits to A&E and frequent ambulance calls became his reality. Bailey bravely tried more than 20 medications in his fight to get control. He endured terrible side effects, some that posed as great a danger as the seizures themselves.

In the quest to save their beloved superhero, Bailey’s family explored special diets and even an implant that transmitted electrical signals to his brain. But despite their efforts, hope began to fade.

Then, a breakthrough. A powerup! His family found a new weapon to help Baily fight back against the epilepsy—a medication called Celixer, derived from cannabis. The frequency of seizures diminished from hundreds to just two a day. The change has been so incredible it does seem almost like something out of the fantasy comics Bailey loves.

Now equipped with his newfound strength, Bailey’s world is transformed. He has regained his alertness, regained the power of communication, and regained his autonomy. No longer confined to a wheelchair, Bailey embraces the freedom of riding his scooter. His appetite returned with a vengeance, fuelling his growth into a strong and active young man. His days are filled with joy and adventure as Bailey eagerly seeks out his next mission. But perhaps Bailey’s most incredible superpower lies in his ability to deliver the warmest, most heart-melting hugs.

This extraordinary transformation relies on one crucial factor—ongoing access to his medication. The UK system breakdown means soon Celixer won’t be available here, potentially hurling Bailey back to his old life of 100 daily seizures. Everything he has fought for, all the progress achieved, would be lost.

If you are inspired by Bailey’s unwavering spirit and want to join him in his battle, sign up to #SaveTheUnicorn. Stand alongside Bailey, a true superhero, and help him secure victory. SIGN UP TODAY

And if you would like to help Bailey’s family fund his medication visit