One-of-a-kind, rare and extraordinary ❤

One-of-a-kind, rare and extraordinary ❤

Whether genetic one-offs, medical miracles, or one-in-a-million conditions these children are truly rare. And just by being here, they make the world a more magical place. They are our unicorns.

But these remarkable kids are endangered, and they desperately need your help.

The cannabis derived medication they need to make their lives better is legal, effective, and affordable. It is not an ‘alternative therapy’. It is a well-evidenced, established treatment for these conditions that is routinely used in other countries, including Canada, Australia, The Netherlands, and India.

Yet a system breakdown has left the NHS unable to provide it. It’s up to us to take action.

If you believe in a world with unicorns, join the campaign to save them. Sign up now to stay informed about how you can make a difference. Together, we can get them the medicine they urgently need.

Our Inspiration
While their illnesses are a big part of their lives, it is important to remember that these children are more than just their conditions. Their incredible experiences have shaped their unique personalities.

Amidst the focus on their medical rarity, it is easy to overlook their individuality. It isn’t their epilepsy that makes them, them. It is their hobbies, their favorite toys, their passions and talents, and their dreams for the future.

The #SaveTheUnicorn campaign was created in collaboration with the young people themselves. The aim is not only to raise awareness about their struggle for NHS treatment, but also to remind people of the loving, vibrant, and energetic individuals who exist beyond their illnesses.

Too often, children with epilepsy are expected to settle for outdated and ineffective medications and simply accept the debilitating side-effects they bring.

These children are wonderful, smart, whole people, and it isn’t good enough to tell them that the price of staying alive is to lose their true self.