Time running out

Time running out

Time is running short for Teagan. In a few months she will go back to having 300 seizures a day.

With a smile that lights up the room, chestnut curls and a bouncing personality to match, time spent with Teagan is a gift.  But a game of medical pass-the-parcel means she is about to lose access to the treatment that has been keeping her well for the last four years.

The UK doctor that arranges her prescription is retiring. No new doctor has been found to replace them. The government says it’s down to the NHS to decide if children like Teagan should continue access this medication. The NHS puts the responsibility on individual doctors to decide on each case. In turn, doctors say they don’t have enough information or resources.

In the meantime, it is only a matter of weeks before Teagan will run out of medication. That means sending Teagan back in time to hundreds of seizures a day, countless A&E visits, and medically induced comas.

Contrast that to the life she has now; horse riding, surfing, trampolining.

A rare genetic condition means Teagan will never be completely seizure free, on any medication. She will always face challenges. But to let this little girl slip back into being bed-bound and barely able to smile because of bureaucracy and red tape is wrong.

If you believe the same, sign up to #SaveTheUnicorn. Teagan needs to your help now. 

If you would like to donate to help Teagan’s family pay for her medication – if they can find a doctor to continue prescribing – you can visit their fundraising page here:


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